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Banner Stands Offer Portable Visibility and Versatility

As a business owner, you know it’s a competitive world out there. You have to stand out from the crowd if you want to attract new customers and keep your business afloat. You need all the tools in your marketing toolbox to get the job done. Banner stands are the ideal solution.

Banners can get your message across easily and colorfully. Simple messages with action words and eye-catching graphics have helped businesses reach customers for centuries. Now you can create exciting, portable and visually appealing messages with custom outdoor banner stands. Whether you use them for trade shows, indoor store promotions or sidewalk advertising, banners get your message across to your target audience.

How to effectively design and advertise with banner stands

Whether you choose our Economy Retractable or Silverstep Retractable banner stands, you’re assured of a long-lasting advertising tool that’s durable and visually stunning.

Like most everything today, you can design your banners totally online. Our helpful staff at SignShark will help you design the perfect banners, but here are a few things to keep in mind.

Who Needs to See Your Message?

Keep your audience in mind. Be sure your banner stand design matches your event or business. If it’s a children’s or family-friendly event, use whimsical fonts and lots of bright colors. For an automotive or tech business, use the latest sports car or computer images. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes: What would appeal most to them? What attracts them?


Use Focused and Engaging Text & Graphics

Use images that aren’t busy or complicated. This could distract from informational text. Images should be simple, not confusing. You want people to recognize your message as quickly as possible.

Text Size and Content

Where will people be in relation to your banner stand? If you’re trying to reach motorists passing by, be sure the text is easy enough to read from the road. This is where our larger banners are vital. You only have a few seconds to grab a potential customer’s attention, so keep it simple and engaging. If your banner is aimed at pedestrians, make it jump out at them. Again, put yourself in your customer’s place: if it doesn’t grab you it probably won’t grab them either.


Using Color Effectively

A good design uses the colors that make an emotional impact. Orange and yellow exude friendliness. Blue and green convey calm and intelligence, while purple and black exude luxury. Pink and red relate to love and excitement. Red and yellow together are a classic combination for food establishments. Above all, be sure the colors you use complement your business, trade show or event.

Affordable & Versatile Advertising with Banner Stands

Regardless of whether you need indoor banner stands, custom outdoor banner stands, or trade show and event banners, they make an impressive impact at very affordable prices. They’re easy to set up and take down, and manufactured to last for years. Our banner stands are made of durable vinyl and printed with UV cured inks for the most vibrant colors in the industry. We also offer Tabletop banner stands that are perfect for trade shows, events and festivals.


Stand out above the crowd and get your business noticed today!


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