Things to Consider While Buying a Custom Outdoor Business Signs

Things to Consider While Buying a Custom Outdoor Business Signs

Congratulations, you've finally been convinced that you need custom outdoor signs for your business. That's amazing because purchasing custom outdoor business signs is one of the smartest marketing moves you can make to take your brand to the next level. So now you're probably wondering "Where do I go from here?" Do not worry! The Sign Shark is here to help you take steps in the right direction to get those stunning signs and draw in the crowd you deserve. 

Types of Outdoor Business Signage

There are several types of outdoor business signage. Choosing the one best for your purpose can seem like a harrowing task, but we're here to break it down for you! 

  • Banner Stands - Banner stands are one of the best outdoor business signs options because they get the point across, are portable, and look great in front of your business. They are usually the first thing the customer sees before they enter an establishment. Use these banners to promote services, sales, new product arrivals, or menus. 

  • Flags - Flags are very eye-catching marketing tools, especially when they sway in the wind a little bit to catch the attention of onlookers. This tried and true option is popular for a reason! 

  • Pop-up Displays - Depending on the size, it can be an inexpensive signage solution. Pop-up displays are perfect for any occasion. Just add the right graphics that represent your brand perfectly. 

  • EZ Tubes - EZ Tubes are easily transported signage solutions that work great for the outdoors and can be set up in 5 minutes. 

  • Canopy Tents - These multipurpose tents are great for outdoor events. A tent can be used as an information station, a place to sell products or to keep your merchandise covered from the elements. Equally importantly it is the perfect advertisement opportunity because people have to know who you are and what you do, so display it on your tent! 

Tips to Choose the Right Outdoor Signs for Your Business

While it's a simple process when working with The Sign Shark, choosing a custom outdoor business sign is not an easy task. It takes time to research, shop, and find the perfect sign for you and your business. The sign you select for your business should reflect your style, target audience, and what your business is all about. This means that there are a few things to keep in mind when you are deciding the perfect outdoor sign for you. 

  1. Budget - Consider your budget when selecting signage. The Sign Shark makes sure you get the right amount of bang for your buck, however, you need to be aware of the different costs for sizes, shapes, materials, and accessories of the signage. When you have a good grasp of your budget it is easier to make informed decisions about your purchases. If you can't afford a lot of signage at the moment, you can try out a less expensive option while you save up to invest in the sign of your dreams! Fortunately, having an outdoor business can be lucrative and can help save your pocket money. You will soon see a huge return on investment. So, it's wise to get a business sign that matches your marketing budget. 

  2. Consider the size - Choosing a custom outdoor business sign should not be based solely on its price tag. There's a big difference in impact between a large banner ad and a small sign. Both types of signage will attract customers, but the former will attract people who are most likely to visit and make a purchase. You can invest in a large sign for your business to gain attention from far-off distances, especially if you are in a newly established location. 

  3. Matching your brand and long to the design - One of the biggest concerns for your sign is its appearance! Of course, you know you want your signage to look good, that is a given, but you may not know exactly how to get that done. You may not know a graphic designer and don't know where to start. It's all good. The Sign Shark can help you with designs! All you need is your brand's logo and we can take care of the rest to make sure you are satisfied with the aesthetics. 

  4. Location of Signs - The location you decide to place your signage is a big deal because potential patrons of your business need to see it. Typically banners in front of the place of business, also known as outdoor storefront signs are ideal, so people know where you are. You can also consider alternate locations to help draw attention to your brand and include directions to your business. You should make sure to check with your city or county if there are any permits you need to obtain if you want to place banners on plots of land you don't own. You invest a pretty penny into your signage, so it would be a shame if it were to be removed or damaged for being in an inappropriate place. 

Outdoor Business Signs Ideas

Now you understand the different types of outdoor signage. You have evaluated the four tips for choosing the best signage for your business. It is time to start drafting ideas about the combinations of signage that would serve your marketing goals. 

If you operate a store, or business with a physical location, banner stands or flags will look amazing in front of and near the establishment. The signs will drive traffic into your place of business! In addition to attractive designs, you should highlight any deals you have that set your business apart from all the rest. 

If you are attending an outdoor convention or fundraising booth -- pop-up displays, EZ Tubes, and custom table covers are just the tools you need to draw attention in your direction. Another idea is if you are part of a Farmer's Market, career fair, or pop-up store, a canopy tent is the best choice for your endeavor. Pair the tent with a couple of pop-up displays and no one can ignore your set-up! 

Ready to get your Outdoor Signage?

The Sign Shark is at your service! We offer the best prices around and our design team will help you create outdoor business signs that you and your customers will love! Feel free to contact us for more information about our outdoor signage as well as all our other products.

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