How can a Gazebo tent enhance your corporate events?

How can a Gazebo tent enhance your corporate events?

When you are setting up for an outdoor event, what’s the first thing you look for? Cover! At a corporate event, you can’t be at your best if you are exposed to the elements, and customers may not even notice you amidst the chaos!

Not only do you need cover, but you need a cover that stands out and shows off your brand so that you can attract customers from far away. Plus, with assistance from Sign Shark design experts, you will have a unique, completely custom logo and accompanying graphics. Customized gazebo tents are a perfect way to keep you comfortable, while also getting you noticed even when at a large event with hundreds of other companies. With several kit options to choose from on our site, there is bound to be one that works for you and your business!

What is a Gazebo Tent Anyway?

A gazebo tent, also known as an outdoor canopy or an outdoor gazebo, is a temporary structure that you assemble for outdoor events. It features a metal structure and a fabric covering that usually has a company logo or sports team name digitally printed on it. These portable structures are most commonly used at tailgates before football games and other outdoor events. However, these pop-up structures are also incredibly useful for corporate events, though this avenue has been looked over by competitors in the past.

A Much-Needed Reprieve from The Elements

While most of us traditionally associate gazebo tents with sporting events, farmer’s markets, or street fairs, they are perfect for corporate events as well. They serve as a lovely reprieve from the elements, whether scorching heat, chilling rain, gentle snowfall, or something in between. Consumers will sigh in relief when they come across your shady spot and the gazebo tent will give them further incentive to stay and chat just a little bit longer with you, giving you more time to make the sale!

A Catalyst for Brand Awareness

A well-made, expertly designed gazebo tent showcases the brand logo or graphics, organically raising brand awareness as a result. The consumers who go to the event and have a good experience, are exposed to your brand and will begin to associate your business with that positive experience. Therefore, when the consumers think of you, they’ll have a positive association, which could lead to them becoming returning customers. Brand awareness is one of the key metrics attributed to a successful brand, and if an eye-catching gazebo tent can raise it, why not get your own?

Let’s Get Down to The Nitty Gritty

Sign Shark has 6 different styles of outdoor canopies available, ranging in size from 10-20 feet, and supported by either a sturdy aluminum or steel frame. Pricing starts at just $145.00 for our 10-foot gazebo tent with a steel frame. As far as branding goes, the team works closely with you to design your full-color, customizable graphics, free of charge with the purchase of your gazebo tent. If you already have artwork, you can simply upload it directly to the website. Plus, free shipping is also available on these items! Worried they’ll peel right off after a few uses? Think again! Sign Shark prides itself on printing only the highest resolution graphics on polyester, through a dye sublimation process, to avoid this type of fatal flaw. Additionally, a lifetime warranty is available on the graphics and a 1-year warranty on the actual metal structure of the gazebo tent.

If you and your team want to go all out, check out our 10-foot tent kit with flags and table covers! This kit is a bit more expensive than our basic gazebo tent, however, it is available to ship within 3 business days, including crafting your design. Moreover, it really grabs the consumer’s attention and makes your business stand out from the crowd! The kit includes an aluminum frame, full-color table covering, two flags, and one gazebo tent with the agreed-upon design. If this kit still doesn’t seem like enough for your event, you can also add on a back wall, sidewall, water base, ropes and stakes, and a sandbag cover. Now that is taking it to the next level! 

Sign Shark is Your Gazebo Tent Expert

Once your corporate event has concluded and it’s time to pack up your booth, Sign Shark makes it easy! The outdoor canopies come with a bag for easy storage and transport. So set-up and take-down are hassle-free, which is exactly what is needed after a long, successful corporate event!

Let’s Recap The Good Stuff

Corporate events, especially those hosted outdoors, can be unpredictable and much more work than the average person thinks. Weather is a major factor when it comes to having any kind of event outside, but in an event where networking and making sales is critical, you do not want to mess around. By purchasing a custom gazebo tent, you are facing this issue head-on. These structures are easy to put up and take down, look fabulous, are great for raising brand awareness, and look extremely professional to consumers. Every one of these products is customizable and the Sign Shark team does a marvelous job of working directly with your brand to craft the perfect graphics and logo for your gazebo tent. Your business is bound to stand out and attract consumers, just by how professional this product will make your team appear. Furthermore, the handy carrying case that comes with each and every gazebo tent makes taking it from the office to the event site and back a breeze! 

Are you ready to level up your corporate events? 

Everything sounds good so far? It is easy to buy a gazebo tent! Shop Sign Shark to get an expertly crafted and designed gazebo tent that will wow everyone at your next company event! Reap all of the benefits with none of the hassle! Don’t just take our word for it, check out our customer reviews. Act now and get a 20% discount just by joining our email list!

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