Farmers Marketing: Smart Signage to Boost Your Brand

Farmers Marketing: Smart Signage to Boost Your Brand

Farmers Marketing:

How to Boost Your Brand at Outdoor Markets

When several vendors sell similar wares in a limited space, such as at a farmers market, standing out can make the difference between going home with full baskets versus full pockets. Investing in professional signage boosts visibility and infers quality to prospective customers. What should you consider when deciding on signs for your booth?


The greater the readability, the higher the impact a sign has from a distance. The best identification signs are those that can be read from 20 or 30 feet away. Table signs (prices, farm information) should be legible from three to five feet away. Carefully choose typeface and color to maximize this impact. Big, bold, thick san serif fonts such as Arial and Helvetica are perfect for your flags or canopy tents. High contrast between your backdrop and your lettering, preferably a dark color on white, will provide added oomph to your distance readability. And place your name up high! As the market fills up, bodies will block any signs that are not above the crowd.


Select a color and layout scheme for your business and use those elements throughout your marketing materials. Staying with a central color palette, font choice, and even a logo on all your promotional items shows potential customers you take your craft seriously. Who would you prefer to buy potatoes from? The guy with the pickup bed full of loose produce and a cardboard sign with “taters” written in marker? Or Sunny Spud Farm, which has their wares artfully displayed with clearly marked prices and a poster detailing their nonchemical pest control? This uniformity increases brand-recognition, helping customers remember who they got the spectacular produce from the week prior.


Any signage you choose to use at your outdoor markets should be portable, easy to assemble, and take minimal storage space. Banner stands are a self-contained way to carry a sign that will roll out from the base when it is time to set up. Flags are typically feather-shaped structures, with material attached to a spine that comes with a spike that inserts in the ground or with an X-base to mount on a hard surface. Custom canopy tents eliminate the need to carry and secure an additional banner and ensure your brand name is visible over the top of the crowd. All of Sign Shark’s items take up only a small portion of your cargo space so that you can fit more of the good stuff inside.


When considering signs for outdoor venues, you need to have products that can stand up to wind, rain, and sun … not only for the day but for months and years to come. You want items that resist tearing, fading, and mildew. Sign Shark’s promotional products tick all the boxes. Canopy tents are constructed of water-resistant UV fabric. Flags feature mesh fabric with embedded dye processing for long-lasting beauty. Banner stands resist water with aluminum bases and vinyl sheeting.


Studies in consumer behavior show that customers prefer to purchase from vendors who display their name prominently and clearly post prices on their wares. Additionally, customers of farmers markets typically prefer to make connections with their vendors. Otherwise, they would go to the box store, right? Signage enhances the relationship between the customer and the brand, such as banner stands showing photos of the farm or offering suggestions on how to use new or unusual products. And while it is your goal to interact with all your customers, informational signage can help you keep customers engaged while temporarily assisting someone else.

Sign Shark offers everything you need to bring your farm brand to the next level. Invest in your business and reap the rewards week after week. To get started, visit us today at The sign shark.

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