Grow Your Business in 2024 with The Best Custom Signage Company

Grow Your Business in 2024 with The Best Custom Signage Company

In an increasingly digital world, every business still needs excellent signage. After all, you don't want potential customers to find out about your business online, show up, but walk away because they don't see where your location is.

Working with a top custom signage company will help you create successful pop-up stores, events, loyalty programs, and branding so your business grows in 2024 and beyond.


Short-term pop-up stores are a fun way to instigate growth. Pop-up stores help you connect directly with new and potential customers, generate buzz through word of mouth, and create timely content for social media.

Pop-up stores aren't just trendy; they are profitable! The short-term buzz you can generate gets consumers excited to see your store and talk to you in person, getting them to make purchases, sign up for a newsletter, and be excited to shop with you more. They may find out about it through your social media page or be just strolling by and see your pop-up display and feel the need to check it out because you're only there through the end of the week. 

92% of consumers trust suggestions from friends and family over ads, so if they hear about a pop-up event from a friend over coffee, they are more likely to be excited and want to go. Quantifying the value of buzz for your business is difficult, but you'll certainly feel it in the air and in your cash register at the end of the day.

There's also never anything wrong with generating content for social media around a pop-up store! Videos and photos of what you are offering and interacting with customers are a winning formula to create more engagement and get people who already love your brand to stop by.


Events have many of the same benefits as a pop-up store; they generate positive buzz for your company, create great social media content, and put your business in a positive light. Whether you are hosting a movie night in the park or set up a canopy tent to offer water to runners at the annual turkey trot race, engaging with customers at an event where they are there to have fun will only help your business. When they see your logo on a custom table cover while having fun, they will associate your business with the joy of that day! It also doesn't hurt for potential customers to see your brand giving to the community, not just asking for their business.

Loyalty Programs

A good two-for-one deal or offering 35% off will always get people in the door to bolster sales, but it won't lead to long-term growth. Establishing loyalty programs to keep customers happy and returning will generate sustainable growth. After all, aren't you always looking forward to that free coffee after every five purchases?

Make sure customers know about loyalty programs and rewards they can earn through consistent purchases. A simple reminder before they make their purchase will get more customers involved, get them excited for their next purchase, and be one step closer to their reward.


For your business to grow, you need to have robust and memorable branding. Customers need to know what makes you unique and something to help them remember you.

There's some truth to the old saying, "All publicity is good publicity." If they can't remember you, you've already lost. Whether it's a mascot or getting a sticker after your first visit, you need to give your customers a fun way to remember you.

The most important thing for any business to know is what makes them different from their competitors. This is the thing that will make customers turn to you over other competitors. Once you know what sets you apart, you have to communicate it to your customers effectively. Suppose they can't tell a friend what sets you apart; your branding and messaging need some tweaking. Giving them a simple message, such as “Your first oil change is on us,” will resonate with the customers and make them want to return. 

How Sign Shark Can Help

There is no substitute for top-notch signage when growing your business. A premium signage company can help make your business more visible, give it a professional-quality edge, and send a clear, concise message to your customers. 

We offer FREE graphic designs with your purchase, and we will have them printed on your display of high-quality vinyl or fabric. Our selection of banner stands, canopy tents, table covers, and fabric displays are sure to help your business grow to its full potential. 

Banner Stands

Banner stands are always helpful for growing your business! Whether you have a table at a convention and want your logo visible from across the convention center or want to display your Labor Day deal, a high-quality banner stand will help you get noticed and attract customers.

We have a wide selection of retractable banner stands from 24" W x 45" H stands that can upgrade your table display to prominent 60" W x 92" H floor stands that remind in-store customers of your loyalty program. All our stands are easy to assemble and sturdy, so you won't have to worry about them holding up for extended use, even at outdoor events.

Canopy Tents

With outdoor events, canopy tents are an absolute must, and having a visible logo on the tent  makes everything easier. The size of our outdoor canopy tents range from 118.75″ W x 135″ H x 118.75″ D to 232″ W x 135″ H x 118.75″ D and are easy to set up. The last thing you need is to have trouble with tent set-up right before an event.

Our pop-up tents are made with water-resistant polyester and can withstand winds of up to 28mph. We know the weather is sometimes less than agreeable, and your tent should look as good when you first get it as it does after a dozen rainstorms. If you can handle the weather, your tent should be able to hold steady and be as vibrantly colored as ever!

Table Covers

A blank table is a no-go for any business, and customers need to know what they are walking up to, not stand around confused. We offer custom table covers that range in size from 48" W x 29" H x 24" D to 96" W x 29" H x 27.25" D and can have display images on three sides or even all four sides.

You can also select between regular, fitted, and stretch table covers so you can give your table the right look for your business! 

Fabric Displays

One of the most eye-catching displays is a large custom fabric display! If you have a pop-up store, our easy to set up pop-up displays are sure to catch people's attention and let them know where you are and how long you'll be there! They come in straight and curved shapes ranging from 5' x 5' to 20' x 8'. 

Our indoor displays and hanging banners are excellent choices for showroom displays, while the EZ Tube displays give your brand a clean look whether you are setting up shop at a farmer's market or are advertising your Black Friday deal. 

High-quality signage is paramount to growing your company. Whether you are re-evaluating your branding, coming up with offers to entice customers to return, or are opening a pop-up store, working with a top signage company can give your brand the look you want and send the right message to your customers

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