Pitching a Tent at Outdoor Events

Pitching a Tent at Outdoor Events

Pitching a Tent at Outdoor Events

When you are hosting a race, staffing an information booth, or selling your wares, there are a few crucial elements to consider regarding your space. Ease of setup, weather resistance, and capturing attention are all things you want to have in your display. Learn how a well-constructed custom canopy tent ticks all the boxes!

Make Setup Effortless

Many outdoor events do not allow prestaging, requiring participants to set up their areas a few hours before the action happens. Sign Shark’s canopy tents are easy to relocate, erect, and secure. Just pull the tent out of the carrying case, snap the telescopic legs into place, and anchor in your chosen spot. Because your graphics are already on your tent walls and canopy, you spend less time hanging signs and more time with displays within your space.

Keep Things Under Cover

Be ready for anything Mother Nature has to offer! Tents protect your products and staff from the ravages of water and sun. Using water-resistant UV fabric ensures your custom graphics stay bright and bold for the long haul. Additionally, the tents are rated to withstand winds of up to 28 miles per hour for those breezy days. Choose traditional ropes and stakes, plastic water bases, or sandbag covers to ensure your tent stays securely in place.

Traffic Direction

Give some thought to the flow of people through your tent. Is it essential to shield certain areas of your booth? A canopy-only option is excellent for when airflow is crucial, such as seating areas. A backwall adds control and protection at the back of the tent and looks spectacular with large custom graphics. Add half sidewalls when you want to block attendees from entering from the sides, but still want to chat. This option is especially useful at information or display booths, where you want an audience on three sides for demonstrations. 

A canopy tent with half sidewalls but no backwall also provides a way to funnel attendees through your entrance. This feature is handy if you need an archway to collect admission.  It also allows you to form a “formal” entrance to guide traffic to your activity when multiple organizations are sponsoring events in the same space, such as at a public park.

Make Sure to be Seen

We have all been to outdoor markets that are a sea of three-sided white tents. Undoubtedly, the standard white tent makes it harder to stand out in the crowd and nearly impossible to find from a distance. A custom tent with your logo printed in vivid colors is an eye-catching statement that is easily recognizable. And because the printing goes to the top of the canopy, you are sure to be seen no matter how busy the venue gets.

Another disadvantage of the three-side white tent is how it limits visibility. If you are doing demonstrations, only the front audience members can see what you are doing. The visual barrier also hampers the interaction with passersby. By the time you invite someone to have a look, they are already past your area. Sign Shark's tents are available with half sidewalls, allowing you to claim your space while maintaining visibility to catch them coming and going!


Make your outdoor events stress-free for you and memorable for your attendees! Take advantage of all the benefits a custom-designed canopy tent (or two, or ten!) offer. To make a professional investment for your next event, visit The Sign Shark to see all the options!

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