Three Mistakes to Avoid with Sporting Event Signs

Three Mistakes to Avoid with Sporting Event Signs

Three Mistakes to Avoid with Sporting Events Signs

There is nothing more exciting than a fun and well-run sporting event. Whether your sport of choice is golf, bicycling, or go-kart racing, the success of your event hinges on intense planning and research. Investing in custom signage is an excellent way to tick off that box on your to-do list, not just for this year, but for years to come. When thinking about your display needs, keep the following pitfalls in mind

Avoid Piecemeal

We have all been there: scribbling crucial information on the back of a spare registration form in ballpoint pen and taping it to the table. Which seems like a solution, until people are grouped around registration trying to read one small piece of paper, creating a bottleneck and a little bit of chaos. How about “Oops, we forgot to mark the course! Someone, get some balloons/marking tape/chalk!” Which can be difficult for participants to follow midrace. Wait… People are parking on the finish line! Now you have lost one of your aid station’s volunteers to parking duty. And, if it is windy or sprinkling, you are chasing soggy pieces of paper across an open field!

Avoid all this extra last-minute stress by planning out your sign needs well in advance. Custom banner stands, canopy tents, and flags are all highly visible, weather-resistant, and allow your signage to be uniform throughout your event. They are all easy to assemble and place, and equally easy to gather and store at the end of a long day.

Information Overload

We get it. You have a lot to say to your participants and spectators. You may be tempted to list out your rules, disclaimers, sponsors, and charitable recipients on a single banner or sign. However, when a display piece contains too much wording, the reader often does not notice or retain all of the information presented.

Consider focusing on a single topic per display item to avoid having it get lost. Dedicate one display to the schedule of events, then get creative. Highlight the charitable recipient or provide a backstory of how your race came to be. Sponsors should be grouped on a separate flag or banner stand, so all your generous donors get equal billing. Having several pieces also provides you a means to direct foot traffic from one area to another to keep your welcome area calm and efficient.

Not Enough Information

On the opposite end of the information spectrum, do you have enough signage? Participants should not have to hunt to find the registration or aid stations, to say nothing of the venue itself! Feather flags are superb to mark the entrances to an event; not only are they eye-catching, but their slim vertical silhouettes also minimize blind spots at entrances. Use canopy tents for your registration and aid stations. Not only can they been seen from a distance, but they also provide a bit of weather protection in case Mother Nature is not a fan! Yard signs are excellent to mark the course and, when constructed in waterproof materials, can be used year after year.

And of course, do not forget a big, bright, beautiful banner to mark the finish line!


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