Stretch Table Covers

Elevate Your Booth with Custom Stretch Table Covers

Elevate Your Display with Stretch Table Throws

Experience a modern update to the traditional table throw with our Stretch Table Throws, designed to add a sleek and eye-catching touch to your display. These covers fit snugly to most 6' collapsible tables, making them perfect for a variety of trade shows, events, and presentations.


Sleek and Eye-Catching Design

Featuring a stretchable tension fabric, our Stretch Table Covers offer a sleek and contemporary look that captures attention and elevates your brand presence. The snug fit to collapsible tables ensures a seamless and polished appearance, creating a professional backdrop for your display.


Fully Customizable Graphics

The table cover is fully customizable with a high-resolution full-color digital print, allowing you to showcase your brand message or promotional content with clarity and vibrancy. Whether you're displaying logos, images, or text, our dye-sublimated graphics ensure scratch-resistant and washable prints that maintain their quality over time.


Easy Installation and Secure Fit

Canvas loops are included to secure the cover to each leg during installation, ensuring a snug and secure fit that stays in place throughout your event. The stretchable tension fabric provides a smooth and wrinkle-free surface, enhancing the overall appearance of your display.


Durable and Washable Material

Constructed from high-quality 8.8 oz. polyester table fabric, our Stretch Table Throws are designed to withstand the demands of trade show environments while maintaining their vibrant colors and professional appearance. The material is scratch-resistant and washable, allowing for easy maintenance and long-lasting durability.


Order Your Stretch Table Throw Today

Ready to elevate your display? Order your Stretch Table Throw today and make a lasting impression at your next trade show or event. With its sleek design, fully customizable graphics, and durable construction, our table throws are sure to enhance your presentation and attract attention to your brand.


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