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Know Why Custom Signage Is The Great Investment Plan For Your Business Growth

Know Why Custom Signage Is The Great Investment Plan For Your Business Growth

Custom signage is vital to the success of a business. Why is that? Well, it does a few key things for your business. It increases brand awareness, shows a high level of professionalism, is a one-time purchase that creates a lasting impact, increases visibility to consumers, and creates an accurate representation of your business. Let’s dive into more detail about each of these benefits of purchasing and designing custom signage. 

Heightened Sense of Brand Awareness

Location and proximity have a lot more to do with who comes across your business and how many people you actually reach. If a business is within a few miles of someone’s home or office, they will see it on average about 50-60 times per week. That is a lot of eyes on you, this is a huge opportunity for your business to put itself out there! Consumers will become more familiar with your business the more they see the signage and company branding, this is also known as brand awareness. 

Showcases Degree of Professionalism 

Credible businesses have high-quality custom signage anywhere that they are promoting their business, whether that be in the form of storefront signs, freestanding signs, or even pole signs. This creates a level of trust with your consumers. It also shows that you truly care about how your business appears and presents itself to the public. In fact, a survey found that 50% of consumers said that low-quality signage turns them away from those businesses. Thus, if you do not invest in aesthetically pleasing, high-quality signage for your business, you will most likely lose the business of at least half of your consumer base. That’s a massive chunk of potential customers! 

One-Time Purchase for Lifelong Investment

Sign Shark offers a lifetime warranty on the graphics printed onto the custom signage we design and manufacture. Furthermore, these graphics are of the best quality. So, you’ll only have to purchase this signage one time! You will not have to worry about the images and graphics peeling off over time, or having to replace them every few years due to wear and tear. Thus, it’s a wonderful, intelligent investment in the future of your business! Additionally, 60% of business owners voiced that improving their signage, in turn, had a great impact on the amount of sales they made. Freestanding signs can improve sales up to 9.3% and storefront signage can increase it by around 7.7%. That is a massive uptick in sales just due to signage!

Increased Visibility to Consumers

There are so many competitors vying for your consumers' attention and business as a result. Being easy to spot in a shopping center is key to increasing foot traffic and sales in-store! The fact of the matter is that if consumers cannot easily find your store or place of business easily, they will simply take their business elsewhere. It truly is all about convenience for the customer and creating a pleasant shopping experience, which includes finding the actual location. In reality, studies have shown that 50% of consumers say that storefront signage has sold them on entering the business. So, if you spend the time and money to invest in great signage, it will definitely pay off in the long run!


A good example of signage attracting business happened to me when I was on a trip with my best friends. A few years ago for spring break, my friends and I took a road trip to Arizona. During our time in Tucson, we took a day to explore the downtown area. We popped in and out of quite a few shops, and custom signage played a big role in whether we opted to enter the business or keep walking, whether we were consciously aware of it or not. One that I remember clearly is a record shop. The shop was a small, humble green stucco building that looked like it used to be someone’s home. Immediately the name of the shop caught my attention, as did the bright colors displayed on the storefront signage. On the side of the building, the saying, “Tucson loves vinyl” was handpainted. This little touch seemed so personal and I could just tell how much love for the business the owner had. We ventured in and I returned with two records and a sticker. Custom signage can have a powerful impact! 

Ensures Accurate Representation of Business

Having the ability to design graphics alongside the talented design team at Sign Shark allows you to be specific about how and what you want to be represented in your signage. It can also make sure that what you want to portray to customers is coming across clearly in the branding. How you present yourself and your business to customers is of the utmost importance! As mentioned previously, it can be the difference between your business being highly successful or flopping. 

Reach Your Ideal Market and Customers

Advertising, to be more specific, great advertising, is crucial in ensuring that you are reaching your target market and motivating your ideal customer to visit and purchase from your business. You know your target market and Sign Shark knows design, so together you’d make an unstoppable team! You can come up with the perfect custom outdoor signage for you and your customers. By keeping in mind your customer base while making all important decisions regarding your business will make sure that everyone is happy and that you are getting the most sales possible. 

To Sum It All Up...

Custom retail signage is expensive, yes, however it is key to think of it as an investment, not an expense. By having personalized signage, you’re increasing brand awareness, showing professionalism to consumers, increasing visibility to your consumer base, and making sure your business is accurately portrayed, all through a one-time purchase. 

Take the plunge with Sign Shark and work with our incredible design team to craft custom outdoor business signs that you and your customers will love! Need a design? Don’t worry! All products offer a free design artist to make sure your custom signage is as aesthetically attractive as possible!